Sorghum In Demand

Consumer demand for sorghum-based products grows day by day. Scientists around the world are learning that sorghum is a healthy option in human and animal diets, promoting gut microbiome health, decreasing effects of inflammatory disease, managing obesity and diabetes through decreased sugar contents, providing numerous vitamins and minerals, and more. In addition, this ancient grain is excellent for water conservation, soil health and carbon sequestration, and wildlife habitat. In short, sorghum is a great non-GMO, gluten-free, and sustainably healthy option for humans, animals, and the planet!

Nutritional Data

Food, fuel, fiber and more – sorghum can just about do it all! From culinary applications as a replacement for wheat, rice, or quinoa to environmentally-responsible ethanol production, to industrial uses like building insulation and temporary building materials, look to see more and more products utilizing this amazing crop!