At the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board, we work to grow brains, bodies and bank accounts by branding and growing sorghum. We are invested in Nebraskans, from farmers and producers to consumers and processors.

Within the sorghum industry, we have developed one of the most robust digital footprints of any commodity group, creating opportunities with nationwide and international collaborations. Our goal is for existing processors to look to Nebraska for sorghum business expansion and operation growth.

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”

Thomas Jefferson

Who We Are


Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board

The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board provides producer and consumer education, supports research and promotes market development. The NGSB is funded by the Nebraska Sorghum Checkoff and the United Sorghum Checkoff Program and is not involved in any government policy promotion.


Nebraska Sorghum Producers Association

The Nebraska Sorghum Producers Association is for advocacy, community outreach and the Sorghum Cares Project. Because of this support, the organization is able to get involved in politics.

Sorghum sign

What We Do

The Nebraska Sorghum Board aims to be the place for all things sorghum, no matter your background or where you come from. We offer valuable resources for the sorghum farmers and producers throughout Nebraska.

For consumers, we look to educate: What is sorghum and what’s it used for? If you’re an existing processor, we are here to show you how Nebraska can help expand your business and grow your operation. And for grain brokers and buyers, we can connect you with local producers and information.

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