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The Professional and Academic Leadership Experience at the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board

The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board Internship is an experience like none other. No prior experience with sorghum is necessary; we are looking for driven, out of the box thinkers that want to make a difference.

What We Do

  • Network with people all over the world
  • Help at fun events such as: Husker Harvest Days, State Fair & Sorghum Symposium
  • Work to promote sorghum and agriculture

What You Can Expect

  • Mentorship
  • Individualized based on interests
  • Flexible, fun and futuristic

Catalyst 2.0: A Sorghum-Based Product Innovation Program

Competition Overview

Why Sorghum

Naturally occurring attributes in sorghum represent some of the highest value consumer markets. Anecdotally, according to the April 2019 study by the Credence Research Inc., the global gluten-free market alone is projected to grow at a rate of 8.1 percent compounded annually through 2026. Other sorghum traits, such as non-GMO, promotion of soil health, water and wildlife conservation, and low glycemic content offer additional opportunities to leverage high-premium markets. Known applications for sorghum range from culinary uses to pet and livestock feed, aquaculture to bioplastics, packing peanuts, insulation, and even cat litter.

Participant Eligibility

  • Undergraduate/Graduate Students
  • Private Individuals
  • Industry Representatives
  • Nebraska and non-Nebraska residents

Competition Goals

  • Develop specialized products utilizing sorghum
  • Create economic opportunities for rural communities through local sorghum processing operations
  • Launch long-term viable businesses leveraging high-premium markets

Competition Incentive

  • Competition partners will facilitate relationships with industry, state and local economic development processionals, investors, and entrepreneurs
  • Competition partners will assist in business plan development
  • Competition partners will assist with grant support as applicable
  • Awards: 1st place = $1,000, 2nd Place = $750, 3rd Place = $250

Participant Guide to Sorghum Uses

Participant Guide to Sorghum Uses

  • Culinary products (Flour, Pearled Grain, Roasted, Popped)
  • Animal Agriculture (Diary, Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Aquaculture feed stocks)
  • Industrial (Packing Peanuts, Bioplastics, Cat Litter, Insulation, Green Chemicals, Ethanol, Nutraceuticals)
  • Additional Uses: Click here

Established Sorghum Processors

  • Sorghum processing for culinary, export, and some industrial applications has a long history:
  • Meanwhile, general Consumer awareness is growing
  • The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board has established branding and is building relationships in large high-premium markets to increase consumer awareness

What will you create?
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Individuals and organizations can register to participate in the program at:

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